Two Blokes The Story

Meet the brewmasters of cool, the sultans of suds, the Two Blokes Brewing Company! Nestled in the heart of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, these craft beer artisans are all about breaking down barriers and making brews that sing.

But what’s their secret sauce, you ask? Well, it’s all about the Three Ps: Passion, Pints, and People. At Two Blokes, they live and breathe craft beer, and they’re on a mission to create brews that are as unpretentious as they are delicious.

Forget the snobbery – these guys are all about approachable, down-to-earth beers that’ll tickle your taste buds. From hoppy IPAs that’ll make your palate dance to sessionable pub ales that are perfect for a lazy afternoon, and even fruity saisons for a refreshing twist, Two Blokes has got it all.

Their motto? There’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a craft beer newbie looking to dip your toes in the sudsy waters or a seasoned aficionado craving your next liquid adventure, Two Blokes Brewing Company has a brew with your name on it.

Cheers to good times, great beers, and even greater company!

Meet The Brewer

Meet the mastermind behind the liquid wizardry at Two Blokes Brewing Company – James Bridwell, the Head Brewer extraordinaire!

While James might not be a Charleston native, he’s found his brewing haven in the charming streets of the Holy City. Growing up in the sunny coastal town of Savannah, he knows a thing or two about southern hospitality and the good ol’ way of life.

But let’s talk beer, shall we? James is a man on a mission, and he’s got some clear-cut principles when it comes to crafting the perfect pint. For him, it’s all about keeping it real. Coffee should be hot, IPAs should be clear as day, and pizza – well, it should never, ever be preceded by the dreaded “deep” descriptor.

So if you ever find yourself in Charleston and spot James holding court in the taproom – and trust us, you won’t miss him – don’t be shy! Say hello, raise a glass, and share a pint!


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