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Welcome to the beautifully weird world of Edmund’s Oast Brewing Company, where craft beer is not just a beverage, but an adventure. Located in Charleston, South Carolina, Edmund’s Oast is one of the state’s pioneers of craft beer, serving up an eclectic array of brews that are as diverse as they are delicious.

With a massive 20,000 square foot brewery, Edmund’s Oast produces a variety of beers and boasts over a dozen beers on tap and regularly cans a number of offerings. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Cameron Read, the Brewing Director, is the wizard behind the curtain, concocting an array of beers for both immediate consumption and barrel-ageing. The facility includes areas dedicated to extended non-sour or wild barrel-ageing, and a sealed area for sour and wild fermentation.

“We want people to appreciate the flavour,” says Read. “We’ve done our job when people have an experience and have a ‘wow moment.’ When one of our beers tastes great, that’s an emotional response that is going to give our customers and guests a feeling they will want to repeat.”

Edmund’s Oast doesn’t just focus on the flavour; they also pay attention to the visual aspect. The easily identifiable packaging with original artwork that echoes the theme of each beer helps forge a deeper connection with consumers.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey that’s as exciting as it is diverse, grab a pint from Edmund’s Oast Brewing Company. They’re not just brewing beer; they’re crafting experiences that you’ll want to savour again and again.


Meet Cameron Read, the Brewing Director at Edmund’s Oast, who’s been making waves in the beer world for almost two decades. Cameron’s journey into the world of craft beer began while completing his undergraduate degrees in Philosophy and Religious Studies at the College of Charleston. After a short stint as a pub brewer, he helped open The Greenville Beer Exchange in 2010.

But his heart called him back to Charleston, where he opened and guided Edmund’s Oast Restaurant and Brewpub as Brewer and Beverage Director in 2014. With an ocean’s worth of beer experience and a burning drive to make more, he opened Edmund’s Oast Brewing Company in 2017 as Brewing Director and partner. For almost six years now, he’s been leading the brew crew at all Edmund’s Oast locations as they explore the flav-o-sphere and delve into the depths of fermentation, sometimes beyond the limits of what brewers are meant to know.

As a pro brewer, Cameron approaches recipe formulation like playing darts. “I’ll have a vision in my head for how a beer should look, smell, and taste, but you’re never going to hit the bullseye the first time. So, that next batch, you change these things, hone it in, and get closer to what you want to make. Translating ideas into a physical beer is rarely one-for-one for me.”

So, raise a glass to Cameron Read, a brewing maestro who’s always pushing boundaries and creating unique flavours that keep beer lovers coming back for more. 

American Porter
Bold, Earthy, Sweet Caramel
Blonde Ale
Almonds, Coconut, Vanilla

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