Columbia Craft The Story

Get ready to raise a glass and cheer for Columbia Craft, the brewing brainchild of the Strauss family, making waves from the heart of The Vista in Columbia, South Carolina. It all started with a dream scribbled on a napkin, a dream to put Columbia on the craft beer map of the USA and let the world taste the rad flavours of the Palmetto State.

From their humble beginnings in the garage with single pots, the Strauss trio—Andrew, Richard, and Justin—have transformed their passion into a brewing beast. With a custom-built system and a swanky brewery in downtown Columbia, they've certainly put Columbia on the craft beer map.

Columbia Craft are led by the legendary Shaun Piggott, who is pushing the boundaries of beer, blending tradition with a healthy dose of creativity, and they're not about to slow down.

They're the embodiment of homegrown passion, family values, and a relentless pursuit of great craft beer. With each sip, you'll taste the journey that started with a dream on a napkin and evolved into a flavour explosion.

Here's to Columbia Craft, where every brew tells a story and every sip is a celebration!

Meet The Brewer

 Meet Shaun Piggot, the man with the magic touch when it comes to brewing, and the Head Brewer at Columbia Craft! This guy isn't just a brewer; he's a beer wizard, and a craft beer superstar in the region.

With a passion for experimentation, he's been pushing the envelope of flavour since day one. And let's just say, he's been nailing it! Coupled with his flair for creativity and an unwavering dedication to quality, Shaun has helped Columbia Craft rack up medals and accolades galore.

From juicy IPAs to silky stouts and everything in between, Shaun is always on the hunt for the next big flavour. He's not just brewing beer; he's crafting experiences, creating memories, and bringing people together one pint at a time.

So, here's to Shaun Piggot, the man who's putting the 'craft' in Columbia Craft! Whether he's fine-tuning a recipe or dreaming up a new brew, you can bet that Shaun is pouring his heart and soul into every drop.

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