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At The Beers of America, we're on a flavorful journey across the United States, handpicking the finest brews from award-winning breweries and bringing the taste of American craft beer excellence to the discerning palates of the UK market.
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Matty, our intrepid founder, is a man with a passion for American craft beer. Every time he returned to the UK from his stateside trips, he felt the sting of disappointment. The craft beer scene across the pond had dazzled him, yet all he could find back home were (mostly) uninspiring suds or astronomically-priced, dust-covered American imports - a beer lover's worst nightmare.

So, Matty rolled up his sleeves and decided to tackle the issue head-on. His plan was audacious yet simple: bring fresh, affordable and award-winning American craft beers directly to the UK. No middlemen, no outdated stock, just a straight shot of pure, unadulterated American beer goodness.

With a suitcase packed with determination, Matty embarked on a journey exploring breweries across the Carolinas, sampling everything from crisp lagers to rich stouts and everything in between. It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it!
Matty had also realised that the American craft beer scene in the UK suffered from a lack of consistency. The availability and selection was often erratic, and it was this inconsistency that fueled Matty's drive to revolutionise the market and ensure a consistent supply of top-notch American brews.

The result? The Beers of America - a haven for beer enthusiasts weary of the same old mass-market options, offering a diverse and ever-growing lineup of the freshest, most exciting American craft beers. And, most importantly, all at prices that wouldn't break the bank.

Matty had done it. He had brought a little piece of the American beer dream to the UK shores. And as for Matty, well, he's still out there (somewhere), tasting, discovering, and bringing the best of the USA to your doorstep. Cheers to that!

Born in the USA. Enjoyed in the UK.

Whether you're a hop head or a stout lover, get ready to enjoy a diverse and ever-expanding range of American craft beers for you to enjoy, right here, in the UK.
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Bringing Brews to your Doorstep

At The Beers of America, we take pride in our approach to bringing you exceptional American craft beers. Discover how we get this incredible beer from our breweries in the United States to your glass in the UK.
Our team travels across the USA to select the finest craft beers from award-winning breweries
We establish direct relationships with American breweries to ensure quality and freshness.
We carefully import the beers to the UK using refrigerated containers, keeping our beers in pristine condition.
We offer competitive pricing to make these exceptional American craft beers accessible to all.
We work hard to maintain a consistent stock, so your favourite American brews are always available.


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The Beers of America brings you some of the finest, independent, award-winning craft breweries from the USA. We scour the States to find exciting new breweries as well as old favourites to deliver straight to you.
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The Beers of America is a  Crescent Moon Company
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